Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everybody poops...

Today was a pretty big day....I hadn't pooped in a while, so the nurse pushed in my hernia and my poop went everywhere....
I got poop on the wall, poop on all the blankets, poop on my nurse, but hey everybody poops...
It was soooo messy, that the nurses decided to move me to a big boy crib. This means I am in charge of my own body temperature, and I wont be protected from all the noise and lights. So pray that I get lots of rest still.
This is my cousin Jen. Can you tell good looks run in the family??? It was so fun to finally get to meet one of my cousins!!!
Like I said...good looks run in the family:) Keep praying for my breathing. As of Sunday night the oxygen is down to 50%.
Me and my pops and the big boy crib
Hey dad!!!
Don't I look like a big boy?
Keep praying for my parent's health. They still are working hard and spending late nights and long hours with me at my pad.

Weekend Update

I'm down to 1.75 less flow...and I weigh in at 3lbs 9oz. I had a little harder time breathing...had a few Brady's...but lots of snuggle time!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008 in a tub!!! (Friday updates)

I sure like baths...especially when mom rubs my head!

After my tub time, I got to some some quality time with the "rents"
All in all today was a good day. I got my iv out of my foot, I'm up to 30 ml of milk. And I am still cuter than ever:) I am still on nasal canula. My oxygen is down to 37% but I am still having trouble breathing. I am breathing really fast and intermittently so I am getting an xray tomorrow to make sure there is no fluid in my lungs. I've got to rest up so I can watch some bball tomorrow with my pops.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hellllooooo Nasal Canula...Goodbye...CPAP

Since 7pm Thursday night i've been on nasal just pray I can get the hang of it this time. I am on 40% oxygen, and we need those levels to be our prayers today our pretty simple....keep the O2 low low low low....and that I can stay on the nasal canula and not go back to CPAP.
Another crazy thing happened the iv the cute nurses put in my arm to stop the infection, got all puffy so they had to put another iv in my foot...ouch!

On a happier i weighed in at 3lbs 7 oz...that's in the buff too, so I am getting big!!!

Wednesday Updates

Good day dear friends!!!
So I had an interesting Wednesday, I woke up with a rock hard arm, that wasn't from working out with my dad. Apparently there was some inflammation in my arm where my iv had been, so they put an iv in my other arm with antibiotics in it to make sure I didn't get an infection. As of Wednesday night it was doing better but pray that I don't get an infection.

I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and dad today which was so nice for all of us. I'm getting better at sucking on my paci and I had a great rocket poop for my mom today (hey anything to get her to laugh!!!)

Keep praying for my breathing...I need to start making some progress in that area, so keep praying for my lungs to grow big and strong and that I can really get this breathing thing down to a science.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Slip and Sliiiiiideeee!!!!

Why is she smiling you may ask???? Because for the first time in my long life, my mom gave me a bath...we had so much fun! They took my monitors off and just held the CPAP and then my mom doused me with warm water in my really helped get rid of that hospital smell:) The best part of my entire day was the 20 seconds when my mom picked me up in a warm towel and i wasn't hooked up to anything!!! That is the first time since I've seen daylight, that my mom has got to hold me like other moms do...tubeless and CPAPless....I can't wait until every day is like this....
Those are my feet....
I had a vision test today...of course I passed with flying colors. I still have immature eyes, but everything else is looking good. Speaking of looking good...this is the hot outfit my mom got to dress me in today....birds are in.
This is me sleeping...why? well 1. because I'm a baby...2. because I am at peace today. Peace in my momma's arms, peace that my dad will take care of me and protect me, peace that I inherited good looking genes, peace that God knew what me and my parents needed to have a great day! Peace be with you!

Strength for Today (Monday Updates)

I think the big prayer for this week is strength for our entire family. My mom went back to work part time...and we both need strength cuz we miss each other so much. Please pray for her as she tries to balance time with me and time at her job. My dad is very strong but needs continual strength as he continues his rigorous schedule. And me...i need strength so I can grow bigger, faster and stronger. I received a blood transfusion Monday, so hopefully that will help a little. I am still on CPAP, which I STILL dislike...there are signs of me getting stronger (or ornery-er) cuz I pulled out my feeding tube:) Pray that my breathing can get stronger, my lungs get stronger and that I can have some rest and peace today.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter (Sunday Updates)

Here's the card I made my parents....
So I have bad news....I am back on CPAP...I have been working too hard trying to breath on nasal canula, so the Dr put me back on CPAP...and to quote my dad...."I hate CPAP with a passion" I just get really frustrated and uncomfortable with the CPAP. Needless to say it was a hard day for my mommy and daddy. So just pray for us all...for my lungs, that I can grow big and that my parents will have peace and be able to rest.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

OT (sAtUrDaY uPdAtEs)

Not only did a lot of games go into overtime today, but God is working overtime cuz today was the best day yet! I am drinking up to 26 ml of milk. Both mom and dad got to snuggle with me for a long time. Keep praying for all my friends here in the NICU. Happy Easter!!!

Great Friday!

Today was a great day for so many reasons:
Reason 1: March Madness: My dad updated me on all the upsets and we compared notes.
Reason 2: My mom told me all about Good Friday and Easter

Reason 3: Ta Da!!!! I can wear long as I continue to do well with my breathing and my body temperature stays normal, I can sport all my new get ups!
Reason 4: I weigh 3lbs!!!
Reason 5: I only had one major breathing event on Friday
Reason 6: I am so darn cute!
Some Reasons to pray:
Reason 1: I had a little bit of a rough night Thursday temp was over 100 (but they didn't suspect infection - they just thought I was overheated), so they gave me a cool bath and turned my condo air to room temp and by 4am I was fine
Reason 2: Please pray for all my friends in the many of them aren't as big as I am, and have a lot more tubes and monitors hooked up to them. They seem pretty please pray for all my friends and their families.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

NICU's Next Top Model (Thursday updates)

This is my first headshot...clearly I'm a natural

work it....own it...
Alright is the latest from my portfolio...
I am still having breathing issues. I have to get over the Apnea and Brady's before I can go down to 1L Canula and head over to the other side.
Pray for steady deep breaths. I have times where I just like to hold my breath, and then I breathe real fast to make up for it.
I'm so hot...
Apparently I need to learn to control my body temperature, which will actually help with my breathing...take my breath away...

Speaking of taking someone's breath away...apparently I can also heal migraines. My dad said when he sees me it takes his headaches away..
I weighed in at 2lbs 15oz I'm growing...pray that I continue to grow more and more every day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

......Wednesday Updates

I got to see my dad today!!!! Yea!!! I missed him so much! Thanks for your prayers...continue to pray for my they are getting little sleep and little rest....pray that they stay healthy and safe.
I am 33 weeks old today, and I weigh in at 2lbs 13 oz...can you believe it? Pray that I continue to gain weight, and breathe easier. Still had a few episodes today, so just keep lifting up my lungs (and my whole body) to Jesus.

Some fun things mom learned how to flip me over, I peed all over myself and I might get to wear some clothes soon...although my dad seems to think I wont like how constricting "clothes" are. Thanks again for your prayers and support...they sure are working!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trevor's Bracketology (Tuesday updates)

Many of you are spending your week filling out brackets, here are some of my helpful hints:

Don't pick all the number one seeded teams: I may not be the biggest boy in the NICU, but keep praying that I will grow big and strong and I will come out a champion.
There are gonna be upsets so take some risks when you choose your team: a couple of days ago I was scaring my mom with all my breathing episodes, having a hard time recovering on my own, but today I did a great job recovering from them.You never know when there is gonna be an injury so pick teams where the bench goes deep: My dad was out with a migraine today, so good thing my mom was around. My mom and I actually spent some time under a blanket together...cuz the room was so bright. She totally thinks I'm the cutest boy ever!!! (and I'm not gonna argue) Pray that my dad gets better...I need all the Rose team playing the game with me.
Check the stats: My stats (vision test) came back good today. I still have immature eyes, so pray my stats get better!
Just because a team has one good game doesn't mean they will tomorrow: I had a GREAT day today. Continue to pray for my breathing, my parents, and my progress. Pray for my sodium level, it was a little lower today than normal.

See you at the Final Four!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

How big are the feet of those...(Monday Updates)

...who are 15 1/4 inches long!!!

...who suck on a paci and drink over 24 mil of milk with the extra protein and fortification
....who have a vision test Tuesday


... who pray for my daddy, he's getting sick...(and I am still only a month old, so sometimes I can't figure out everything on the computer...that's why the picture is sideways)
...who pray for progress. If I want to progress to the "other side" of the NICU I have to move from the high flow nasal canula to the low flow nasal
...who pray for my red dot. There is a red dot on my stomach, and it's fine now, but if it gets bigger or spreads to other parts of my body the nurses would have to give me some roids (steroids that is) because it affects my liver.

...who pray for my breathing. Today was hard again...good but hard. I had some breathing troubles, and cried a little bit. It just is a big hurdle learning all this breathing stuff. Pray that I can remember to breathe and learn how to recover from a bad breathing episode, on my own.

The Luck of the Irish (Sunday updates)

Some might call me lucky...I would probably say Jesus is watching over me and giving me the determination to push forward in my progress.

Big milestones that happened today:
-my umbilical cord fell off (it's on ebay if anybody wants it:))
-the nurse took new footprint and handprints of me
-I obtained a new condo for big boys (cuz that's how I roll)
-still on nasal canula
-I had kanga time
-my mom and dad fed me milk on a paci...AND I LOVED IT!!!
-feedings are going really well

Big things to pray for:
-I have another vision test this week
-I was breathing really fast yesterday, and they found fluid in my lungs, so they gave me some lasics (sorry I'm not even in kindergarten yet, some of these medical words are hard for me) to get fluid out of my body and it worked. I am breathing better, but still working a little too hard. Pray that my lungs clear up completely
-I had a couple of bradies: pray those stop...sure don't enjoy those
- the nurse thinks I have another hernia on the other side, pray it disappears. My other one also got bigger and she had to push it in.

Thanks again for all your prayers. I am getting bigger and stronger every day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday Presents (saturday updates)

I received lots of birthday presents today:
I was able to be held in my parents arms so I could just look up at them and gaze at their faces.
I weighed in at 2lbs 12 oz (Dads got me on protein supplements:))
And...(drum roll please) I am still on nasal canula

Birthday Prayers:
They are fortifying (protein shake) my milk to help me gain weight. Pray I gain weight and I continue to digest well
Pray for my eyes, that they grow and develop
Keep praying for the nasal canula, that I can continue on it and my lungs continue to grow and develop

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday Updates...oh yea

HIP HIP HURRAY!!!! Raise your hands in the air cuz I can breathe like I just don't care!!!
My Army of Prayer Warriors ROCKS!!! Today at 9am the nurses put me on nasal canula thinking they would have to switch me back and forth to CPAP off and on...and when my parents left tonight I was still on nasula canula!!!
Today was so much different than yesterday...whew~ what a relief! I could go back on CPAP at anytime, but making it as long as I did today was a huge success!!!
My mom got to hold me for over 2 hours...(which made up for ZERO hours yesterday)
Let me out, let me seriously...I received my test results back from my first ever eye test. My test came back with an A+; the only problem is I am like sooooo I have what's called immature eyes, which is normal for tykes like me.
Today I was much more comfortable and happy. (as seen by my picture above) Thanks again to all the people who prayed and supported me and my parents through the night!!! Keep praying that I put on the pounds!!!