Monday, February 23, 2009


I wanted to take a minute and publicly thank those of you who have already donated to the Warrior Fund to purchase a new crib for the babies in the NICU. It is because of you that this birthday wish is coming true . . .
  • Amy Benson (aka auntie ABC)
  • Great Aunt Kay Baldwin (you spoil me Auntie!)
  • Kenn and Jere Carlson (my adopted grandparents)
  • Bruce & Vonnie Fox (aka - the one and only Papa & Nonnie),
  • Brad, Jen & Braydn Fox (aka Uncle B, Aunt Jen and Cousin Braydn)
  • Dennis & Carla Kent (aka Corrith's parents-thank you!!),
  • Monty & Athalie Okken (more adopted grandparents - I'm so lucky)
  • Tiffany Rady (wow - dear old friend of mom and dad's - thank you so much!),
  • Andrew, Annette & Spence Richards (aka the RoRiches!),
  • Dennis and Jean Rose (aka the one and only Papa & Nana),
  • Mama & Dada Rose,
  • Tim Rose & Hollie Waite (aka Uncle T & Aunt Hollywood),
  • Scott, Linsey & Hunter Wildey (and sweet baby girl on the way!)

Together we raised $2,525!! We (my parents & I) are so amazed and touched by everyones generosity for this cause that is so near our hearts.

Only $661.75 before we can purchase the crib, and once this goal is reached I will send a final email telling you we reached the goal.

And from the bottom of my heart - Thank you. Love, Trevor

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Warrior Fund Update

I only have a second for a quick update, but I wanted to let you know the awesome news . . . we have raised a total of $2,525 for the pedi crib!! Only $661.75 to go. You are amazing!! Keep you posted as the final donations are rolling in.
Donation thank yous and a birthday recap in my next note.