Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good News (Wednesday Updates)

Well do you want the Good news or the GOOD NEWS? First good news is I am I ate over 90 ml of milk...thats the most ever!
The other good news is if I keep doing this well, there is a strong possibility I'm going home. Again, nothing is set in stone, but it is quite possible that I might be hanging out with no tubes, at my very own crib.
WHAT CAN YOU DO???? One thing that would be so helpful is to provide meals for my parents. They wont be able to take me out in public much (cuz I'm so darn good looking) so they will be spending a lot of time at home and it would be great if you could bring them a hot meal. We are needing about 15 people to deliver a meal during the month of May. If you are interested email
Thanks so much and please continue to pray for progress for me...and peace and strength for my AMAZING parentals.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Pads!!! (Monday updates)

So if you are getting a little discouraged cheering for our Padres...maybe you could cheer for me!!!
I need some fans rootin' for me now!!!

I had a great weekend...even though it was like 700* outside, I hit some homeruns with eating and sleeping and breathing and all that stuff...but today my batting average was not so good.

I just wasn't in the groove today and had a little trouble figuring out eating and breathing and maybe it was all the home games, but I just wore myself's like I was stuck on 1st base with 2 outs and 2 strikes...I was pooped! (Plus my girlfriend Em, I was suffering a little from heartache for her)

If you're in the stands cheering for me: cheer for: good breathing and eating...that I can just continue to make progress and figure out how to do it all on my own, all at once. I need strong breaths and good eats. ( I can't wait till I peanuts and hot dogs) Cheer for 5 days....the Dr. says if I have 5 straight days with no help breathing and no's a HOME run literally, I'm going home. Cheer for my parents, as they have spent so much time in the dugout (NICU) that it can be a little scary thinking about the HOME game.

Overtime: I passed both my eye and ear exam today!!! whooptidoo!!!

P.S. Go Padres!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Picture Extravaganza

I am still off O2 and since yesterday they took out the feeding tube - so I have to eat all by myself. They are now just feeding me when I wake up or no more than 4 hours after the last feed. So, it is taking a lot of energy for me to continue doing it all by myself. I didn't gain weight yesterday, but I didn't loose any either. So, pray that I can eat enough to gain some pounds...enjoy the pix..this is me post-op
Dad feeding me...Dad, burping me...
Dad sleeping with me...Dad....well Dad what exactly are you doing here?Post-eating primary nurse made this for me...she's gooooood...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

God is bigger than the boogie man...and hernias!!!! (Friday Updates)

You would think that most babes would have a hard time after a big boy surgery...but not me!!! I was off nasal canuala yesterday since 11:30 am...all they had to do was shoot me a little O2 out of a mask at the end of the day cuz I was keeping so busy eating and sleeping and loving my mommy and my daddy. I am at the Step Down side (which is where all the really big boys...and really athletic and smart boys go!!!) and the Dr. seems to think I could be outta here in a week or two!!!! Pray for my parents as I am sure this is crazy to think about actually having a babe with no tubes or nurses attached!!! Thanks for your prayers!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surgery Updates...better than ever!!!

Trevor got "the works" when he went into surgery today. The surgeon fixed two hernias, pushed his bowel in and circumsized him, and Trevor is a better man for it! Trevor was supposed to be on the ventilator after surgery for up to 12 hours but as they were transferring him from Children's to Mary Birch, he looked up at his mommy and started breathing on his own. And after 30 minutes he was off the ventilator. His blood gas levels (CO2 and O2) are better than when he went into surgery and having the ventilator was actually a blessing in disguise because it cleared a bunch of fluid that was in his lungs, that was probably making it hard for him to breathe all this time. He started on nasal canula at 100% and is down to 30% and may be off it completely within 24 hours. Pray for Trevor's primary nurse who has been taking great care of him all day. Pray that he can eat tonight, since he hasn't eaten since midnight. Pray for continued quick recovery and pray for Mom and Dad as they recover too. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us today!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hernia Surgery on Thursday

I have surgery at 9:40 AM on Thursday. The surgery will be 2 1/2 hours long, I will recover at Mary Birch (where they say it could take 7-12 hours to get off the ventilator). They will stop feeding me at midnight tonight. Please pray I will be comfortable and my mom and dad will sleep well this evening. Pray for no infection, smooth surgery and a quick recover. Look for updates Thursday afternoon.

I'm SSSSSoooooo Big

I'm up to 5 lbs today...5lbs...2 oz to be exact. Surgery is going to be on thursday...still waiting for a time of to keep you occupied until then lets have a little laugh with Trev's Top 10 List..
You know you've been in the NICU a long time when:

10) You've had more neighbors than Mr. Rogers.

9) You’ve got more holes in you from I.V.’s than a piece of Swiss cheese.

8) You finally outgrow your stuffed animals.

7) You use terms like Tachypnic and Blood Gases more frequently than hi and goodbye.
6) You’ve been on CPAP more times than Randy Jackson says, “Dawg”.

5) Your parents have more friends in the hospital than they do outside it.

4) You can make your monitor beep on command just to get attention.

3) You can convert grams into pounds and ounces, faster than you can say “Lasix”..

2) Your parents have resorted to using “milk” cubes over ice cubes at home to save freezer space.

1) Your parents have had more wristbands than a teenage backstage groupie.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trev's Come a Looong Way BABY!!!

This is me when I was born..And this is me now.....can you believe it!!!! If you think of it...pray for all my friends in here with me, who are small like I used to be.
And in case you haven't heard....this is me....with no O2 for over 4 hours...that's right baby!!!
my mom fed me a bottle for the first time yesterday, I am up to 43 ml of the good stuff and I am almost to 5 lbs!!!Mom also gave me a bath with no help from the nurses...I do love splashing around with her!!
Pray that we can see the surgeon today about my hernia's, still no word about the surgery!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I am doing great!!! Pray we find out about a surgery date tomorrow. I am taking up to four bottles a day now and can scarf down 41ml in 15 minutes! I am on the lowest Oxygen setting they can go, but needs a little extra O2 when I eats so they are not ready to take me off it quite yet.
There are also some pic's from the shower that Big Brothers Big Sisters threw me on Friday - what fun! My Great aunt was able to come and that was special too.Yea!!!! Nonnie!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shots Shots Shots

this is me and my bear...sure was nice to have him around after they gave me all my needed one too..These will help me make good shots...on the court that is. They are from my Great Aunt Iris, who came all the way from Kansas City to see me. I also got to meet my Uncle Tim, what a great week for me!!!! My parents will have a consult with the surgeon on Monday for my hernias.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Celebrate Good Times...C'mon!!!

We have two birthday's to celebrate today. I am 37 weeks old, and my Nonnie Vonnie, is 60!!!!
Happy Birthday Nonnie!!!You will see below a visual interpretation of how my mommy and I feel about shots....immunizations are in my pray for my mommy and me as we go through this painful process.Tell me...does my butt look big???? I am up to a whopping 4lbs 7oz (over 2 kilo's - a big land mark in the preemie world)I had a vision test yesterday and it came back good - still just immature eyes, but they won't have to check me again for another 2 weeksI didn't have as many Bradies yesterday...could have been the fun I had with mom getting a bathStill working on getting hernia surgery... but until then I get to meet some more of my family this weekend...I wonder if my Uncle is as good looking as my daddy and Papa???Swweeeeeet dreams!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Better late than never...

Sorry fans...I've been a little distracted by all the you can see evidenced below. So I don't know about you, but I'm ready to be oxygen free...I've had a few bradies and am still on low oxygen...pray that I can really get the hang of breathing on my own.
3 may be the magic number for some, but not me...I now have another hernia...and it HURTS. Seriously can you imagine having 3 hernias...and I'm like 4 lbs, you weight like a bazillion more than me (you're not fat) They are just so uncomfortable and make it hard to go to the bathroom. Pray that my parents can get a date scheduled for the surgery sooner rather than later gator. Lastly, they have found some more red dots on me...which causes a little bitty concern for my liver....lets just pray they disappear and that my liver is as healthy as yours
Here are some great pix of me and my peeps

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!! (Weekend Update)

Today I am 8 weeks old....and to celebrate I have lots of pictures to share with you!!!
Me doing one of my favorite things on my mom and dad say I make a cute little squeeky wheezy like noise while i doze....Pray for my digestion and feedings - it is still a big learning processTurn your computer sideways and you can see my daddy feeding me a bottle...he's a natural...I drank a whole bottle today!Me and my nurses who take SUCH GOOD CARE of me!!!!Thanks goodness for these guys too....they keep me company when I dont' have anyone to stick my tongue out at!!!One of the first tricks my daddy taught me!!!!Where's Trevor???
They took me off oxygen for 1/2 hour today...first time I've done it on my own. Just keep praying for progress...especially in my breathing and digestion!!!