Friday, February 29, 2008

Prayer for Saturday

Continue to pray for my breathing. I am working really hard to breathe on my own, which makes me loose weight...and I sure don't want to go back to that CPAP, it makes my face all swollen and they hook this big mask up to my face so i look like baby Darth's not pretty people. So pray for my lungs to keep getting stronger.
The next big thing is my digestive system. Since I am off most meds, I'd like to start drinking some of the good stuff (mom's good stuff that is) tomorrow. Major concerns are my stomach and digestive system. So pray I can digest her food easily and that all my intestines will continue to develop and work well, so I can grow big and strong like my dad.

You see him rollin...

here's the sweet card i made emily to see if she wanted to be my lady....(actually the nurses made it, but hey I 'm hooked up to like 20 different tubes, cut me some slack)

Medical Updates for Friday

I'm an over achiever, so basically I went from the ventilator, skipped right over the CPAP and went straight too the nasal canula. Which means I am breathing really well on my own, with the least amount of help. They took me off of antibiotics, which means there is no pneumonia. It was a great day today!!!

You work out???

My dad's been training me, so I now weigh a whopping....2 lbs, 4oz!!!

Where's Trevor?

I got 2 hours of Kanga time with Dad(Friday), I would have gotten longer, but when you
gotta go, you gotta go...
I got THREE...count em...THREE hours of kangaroo time with mommy today (Friday)

what you don't know is I was actually steering the vehicle from under the blanket covering!!!
Here's the vehicle they transported me in from Children's to Mary Birch

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Night Trevor (thursday night updates)

Well, here I am stronger and able to get back to my blogging, now that I don't have as many machines hooked up to me. You know what I was thinking about today? They call me Little Warrior, but sometimes even warriors get tired and that's when the rest of the army steps in. So thanks to all my Army of Prayer Warriors backing me up and fighting for me!!!

So here's the deal. I miss my mommy and daddy and all my family, but they can't hold me and touch me until I get off this stinkin' ventilator. So pray that I can recover quickly, so that I am able to have some touch time with my parents. Also pray for my lungs. I am on antibiotics to shield off pneumonia, and I sure don't want to get that, so pray for clean and clear lungs.

Good night dear friends. Thank you so much for fighting this battle alongside me and my family. Today was a big win for us all!!!

Great is Thy Faithfulness (Thursday afternoon update)

Even as we speak Trevor is being moved over to Mary Birch!!!!!
He is on a low flow ventilator. His setting are down to 24% oxygen. So he is really close to breathing just room air. His blood gases came back fine. His blood pressure is still a little high but normal for someone with the drugs he is on. His brain ultrasound came back fine. His lung x-ray came back really good: no air trapped in his lungs and they are clearer. His Grandpa Fox donated blood and Trevor had a blood transfusion yesterday, which has helped his color came back, and he looks more like the Trevor from a few days ago. Keep your prayers coming, but thank you so much for praying Trevor and his parents through the night!!!!

Good Morning Trevor!!!

A brief Thursday morning update: Trevor is doing better this morning. He's got a good nurse watching over him, his test results came back very positive and (drum roll please) he may get to be moved back to Mary Birch NICU today!!!! (his mom even got some sleep last night...whew!!!) Don't stop praying for recovery, though. He still has a ways to go, but THANK YOU so much to everyone for your prayers, food, flowers, gift cards and more!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Lord is with you Trevor, Mighty Warrior!!!

(Updates from Wednesday night)
After a long hard Tuesday night for Trevor, we have some major praying to do team!!!
Our prayer is for a fast recovery, so he can be transferred back to Mary Birch NICU.

Last night he was on the High Flow ventilator at 100% which means Trevor was not breathing at all on his own (a few days ago it had been at 20%) Tonight he is still on the high flow, but it is at a lower percentage. When he gets off the High Flow ventilator he can be transferred back to Mary Birch.

Tina and Jeff will receive the results from the brain ultra sound tomorrow, and also a chest x-ray.

Pray for Trevor's blood pressure to go down. He is very stressed right now. The Dr's have given him blood pressure meds, anti anxiety meds and morphine but nothing has worked to lower his blood pressure.

Pray for his lungs. Pray for no infection and no fluid in his lungs. He is more ceseptable to getting pneumonia at this stage of recovery.

Pray that Trevor will be comfortable. He has so many machines and tubes hooked up to him. Pray for Trevor to have peace and comfort right now. Pray that somehow he can relax in this new and scary environment.

Pray for Tina and Jeff. Right now they are the only ones allowed to see Trevor (not even Grandparents are allowed to see him) So they are in with him alone. They are not allowed to touch him, but Tina did get to change his diapers. Tina had an allergic reaction to something tonight, so pray her fever stays down and rash goes away so she is able to see Trevor tomorrow. It is long hard days at Children's so continue to lift them both up in prayer.

Wednesday Morning Updates

Trevor had a rough night-he is not breathing so well and they want to keep him at Children's for at least one more night, possibly two. Pray for his lungs, his heart and his body to fight off infection. They were able to remove the air from below his heart by inserting a needle.

Our prayers are so important during this time. Please continue to lift precious Trevor up to Our Mighty God. He is a Little Warrior who is strong, and whose God cares so much for him. Continue to lift up his, peace and strength. Continue to check back for more details...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday night updates for Trevor

Trevor came out of surgery this evening, doing well. They put two staples in his heart on the right vessel to stop the blood flow from going to his lungs.
The only small complication was a small air bubble over his heart, that they can easily fix within the next few hours if it doesn't go away.
He will be staying the night at Children's and stay sedated through the night.
Tina and Jeff will know more details tomorrow, and hopefully he will be transferred back to the NICU at Mary Birch tomorrow (Wednesday).
Please pray for Trevor's recovery. It will be a difficult recovery for the little guy. Going through a major surgery like that is hard on his body. Pray that he heals and that this does not set back his progress too much.


Trevor's surgery has been postponed until about 7 tonight. Currently, he's at Children's Hospital, where he is being monitored and prepped for surgery. Send your thoughts and prayers his way...let's hope for a speedy recovery, so he can get back to kangaroo time ASAP!

His surgery is expected to last about a half-hour, and then he will spend the night at Children's. Hopefully, he can come back to his condo at Mary Birch tomorrow and spend the rest of his recovery with Em and the nurses in the NICU unit. That isn't for sure yet, so please think positive thoughts!

Tina and Jeff can't see Trevor right now, as he is hooked up to machines at Children's and they are not allowed access. We know they want to be with him during this time, so please pray for Tina and Jeff, to get them through this emotional time.

Although both Tina and Jeff appreciate all the texts and calls that have been coming through to them today, they are having a tough time keeping up and ask that people check the blog later tonight for updates, rather than calling them directly. In the meantime, they want to thank everyone for their support and compassion. We will post information as soon as we know it!

For now, let's keep Tina, Jeff and Trevor in our thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to leave comments on this blog for all three of them, as they read it regularly...even little Trevor. :)


Just received a call from Tina. The Dr. called this morning and Trevor is going into heart surgery at 10am. Liquid is entering his lungs. Pray for a quick recovery for Trevor, pray for Jeff and Tina, pray for the Dr's.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Heart Prayers (Monday Requests)

Please continue to pray for Trevor's heart. The Dr. did not hear a murmur today, so that is a positive report. His tests (on the hole in his heart) have gone from large, to medium small to small, which is a good sign. They still need a couple more days to see if Trevor needs surgery or not. They are going to give him a diuretic, which will hopefully rid him of any extra fluids/liquids in his system, which in turn will keep his heart from having to work so hard. Surgery is not out of the question, so lets all PRAY HARD these next few days that the hole in Trevor's heart will heal, so that he wont have to go through surgery. Because he is a preemie they can only wait a few more days, if they are going to need to do surgery.

The Hand that holds the World (Monday Highlights)

Isn't it so great to know that the Hand that holds the World is holding me? God has shown us today how much he loves me...when my mommy came in I was upset and crying, but THANK goodness she came right in time and I got to hold her hand. I squeezed it so hard. I don't really like ultrasounds...they put all this cold gel on you, and I was pretty uncomfortable, but my mom held my hand for over 45 minutes and it calmed me down so much. I knew it was her the minute she grabbed onto my hand and i sqeezed it tight and felt so much better and safer knowing my mommy was there. I also got 2 and 1/2 hours of kangaroo time. We were able to sit in a recliner and just doze off together for over 2 hours. It's so nice to have my mom around, she spent over 7 hours with me today.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

BIG PRAYERS TODAY!!! (Sunday updates)

I got over 2 hours of Kanga time with mom and dad today...that's the longest I've been held in my entire life. Our time is really great together...I am pretty figidy and squirly until I settle into my mom and dad's arms.
Does my butt look big?...i gained some weight...i weigh in at 975 grams!!!
I'm currently in a relationship, with my next door neighbor, Em, she's an older woman, but that's how we Roses roll.
Kisses: i got a big kiss from my Gramma V today...i'm so lucky!!!

MY BLOOD hemoglobin (red blood cells) are low, so I had to get a blood transfusion (new blood pumped into my body)
BREATHING...I'm bummed...Today was a challenging day for my lungs. I went through series of apnia. It's when I stop breathing for 3 seconds, up to 30 seconds. All these alarms and lights go off, until the nurses rub my back to help me breathe again. So they had to put me back on the CPAP, "he's been working too hard breathing", so the Dr. says, this will make it a lot easier for me to breathe.
MY HEART...I will be receiving my last round of heart meds, and tomorrow will find out if I need surgery or not.
Keep praying for
MY PARENTS, my daddy has to work a long day tomorrow, and my mommy is still recovering from my birth. Pray that God will continue to give them rest and peace.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Rose Men
Sweet kisses during kangaroo care

Touch Time

Mom changing my diaper

Soooooooo big!!!!

Mommy taking my temperature

Happy Birthday to Trevor!!! (Updates from Saturday)

Today is my one week birthday, and I got some of the best presents ever today:
-Kangaroo care (no we didn't visit the zoo). This is skin on skin time I got with both mommy and daddy. First mommy got to hold me for whole hour while I dozed off on her, and then daddy took his shirt off (which we all know he was really uncomfortable about) and got to hold me for an hour too. This was a great time for me to really bond and connect with both my parents.

-First Kiss. My mom, dad and Auntie D all got to give me kisses for the first time...i like those

-Goodbye C-PAP hello Nasal Canula. This is a tiny oxygen tube that sprays spurts of oxygen into my nose. This means that i am a big boy and nothing is breathing for me or expanding my lungs for me...hello NBA.

-Nurses: They're everywhere!!! But besides all the undivided attention one said that the hole in my heart may be getting smaller. The results from the ultra sound said that the size of the hole is medium to small, which is good, last time they said it was bigger. So I have another round of heart meds and another ultra sound next week, to determine if I will have to have surgery.

Prayer for today: My left eye is swollen, they don't know why. I like staring into my mom's pretty eyes, so lets pray that heals.
My heart: keep praying for my heart and that the meds heal it.
My Parents: pray for lots of rest for them

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Condo

This is me and my dad in what he likes to call my condo. He put his big strong hands on my back today and prayed for me, must be why we have these things to thank God for:
-CT scan came back clear...there are no signs of blood on my brain
-lots of friends and family who love me and are praying for me and my parents
-mom and dad got a good night sleep last night
-lots of Trevor time with mom today...oh yea!!!

Here are somethings you can pray for...things change with me every day, they are always having to take new tests and poke me in different places.
-During the CT scan they found an enlarged ventricle, the Dr's are keeping an eye on it
-I am still on meds for my heart, pray that they heal the hole in my heart and I don't have to go into surgery
-I have an ultrasound tomorrow, pray that comes out all clear
-Father/son dad might get to hold me tomorrow, as long as I am not too squirly, pray that my dad gets to hold me, and maybe teach me some of his sweet b-ball moves

Trevor Time!!!

What is the first thing most mom's get rewarded with after hours of labor? HOLDING THEIR BABY!!! Tina and Jeff have been able to have "touch time" which consists of a short period of either changing Trevor's diaper, or holding his hand, but they have never been able to hold their 1st born, UNTIL TODAY!!!! Tina was able to hold Trevor, for over an hour and half today. (the nurses told her she would probably only get 10-15 minutes with him) The Dr. and the nurses both said that feisty little Trevor knew he was with his mommy, cuz he calmed down when he recognized the mommy smell:) Every little while he would open his little eyes, just to check and make sure she hadn't gone anywhere. It was also the first time they were able to see his sweet face, not covered with tubes and wires.


Pray for good sleep for Jeff and Tina.
They are up many times in the night,missing their Little Warrior.
Pray for Trevor today:
He is getting a CT scan on his brain to make sure there is no blood on the brain.

Pray that his lungs and stomach clear up, there are pieces of blood
still in both his lungs and stomach.

The Dr.'s have found that Trevor still has a heart mummer and are trying meds one more time. Pray that these meds clear up the mummer. If they do not, Trevor will have to have heart
surgery for a hole in his little heart.


Yesterday Tina was able to hold her Little Warrior's hand, and heard him cry for the first time!!!


Today is a big day for Trevor. He is off the ventilator and on a C-PAP, this is a device that fills his lungs with air. The Dr's were able to get a catheter in his arm that they can take blood from and feed him through.