Saturday, August 16, 2008


Can you believe it . . . I am 6 months old today!

I know, I know, I only look like a 3 month old, but I have the wisdom of a 6 month old and I have life experiences way beyond that! :) I mean, what other 6 month old babies do you know that have a blog? Okay, I guess there are a few, but they are have pretty amazing stories too.

Anyway, just reflecting on my journey so far . . . Here is a look at me on my first day . . .

And now, I am two feet long and we will find out how much I weigh on Monday at my Dr's apt. (BTW, I have to get more shots, so keep me (and my mom) in your prayers).

Well, I will write more when I have a chance, but for now I have to go celebrate my 1/2 Birthday! Love ya!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trevor's Dedication

Sunday was a big day for me . . . my parents took me to church ( for the first time and they "dedicated" me. I wasn't sure what that meant at first; my cousin thought it meant I was being "donated", which I was glad to find out that wasn't the case. But, I did find out that it means that my parents, my family, friends and church community are "dedicated" to seeing me grow up to be a godly man. My parents committed to raising me in loving, peaceful home, where I could see what it means to grow up in God's grace. Thank you to all my family and friends who came to see me dedicated. I think what my daddy said was right, "Trevor wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the prayers of so many." Thank you all for being my army of prayer warriors.

Pastor Matt, mom & me, dad and Amie BeMent (AKA- "The Voice of Trevor" & our Children's Pastor)

My Uncle B took a video of the dedication (unfortunately, the file was too big, so I couldn't put it on the blog). But I wish you could have seen my entrance . . . I came up to the "Trevor Time" theme song. It felt like I had just won a gold medal and they were playing my anthem! (If you are not a Padres fan, this may not make sense - but trust me, it was awesome!).
Aunt Jen, Uncle B and Me at my party

After the ceremony, we had a little party at Nonnie and Papa's house. It was also a celebration for Nonnie and Papa, because it was their 40th Anniversary! Congrats!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's my name?

So, I thought I would list all the names people call me, so you could see just how confusing it is to know what my real name really is . . .
They call me Trev, Trevor J, TJ (T.C and Fran's name for me), Little Warrior, Love Bug, Honey, Sugar Tank, Tasmanian Trevor, Squirt, Angel, Pumpkin Pie, Scooter, Short Round, Punky (that one's from auntie Ned), Pill Pocket (don't ask), Blue eyes, Rosebud (that one was from before they knew I was a boy), and the ever favorite Trevor-Time.
If I forgot some, please feel free to fill them in on the comments section! :)

Guess what . . . I have now been home longer than I was in the hospital. 91 days today/vs 80 days in the NICU. And now I eat without choking and turning blue and I don't even have to sit straight up to take a bottle; I can now breastfeed without a problem; I am off all my medications; some of my scars are becoming barley noticeable; I can hold my head up and don't look like a such a bobble head; and yesterday I grabbed and held onto a toy for the very first time! Now if I could just start sleeping through the night . . . . :)

And here's a few more photos from the last couple weeks . . .
Me and Dad - right before bath time. burr!

Pumping iron with the girls at Dad's gym.

Just one of the fam with Jake, Jackie, Kayla and Brock! Missed you Vance!

Devastated after hearing the news that the Padres traded my favorite player - Tony Clark!

Here's one more nickname! lil' man Trevor