Friday, September 24, 2010

I've been showing her the ropes . . .

 So, I think you all know by now, that "I do all my own stunts", or at least that's what my shirt says. Here's a little video of me, displaying some of my new tricks . . .

Okay, enough about me - I told you I'd post some more pics of the newbie -


I'm think she's pretty cool, as far as little sister's go. :)

 The big difference is, I just don't get as much shut-eye as I used to, what with all the diaper changing and feeding all the time.

In other news - we just went to the NICU reunion to see my old friends from the hospital - no not the horse, silly, the doctor's and nurses and babies I hung with for 80 days after I was born.

Remember my first girlfriend, Emily! Or "Em" as we used to call her. Well, she's still a cutie pie.  But I got no love from her. I did get a hug from Sophie though - I think she liked how I played hard to get. 

I also got to ride in a real firetruck!!  SO FUN!

 But I spent most of the day in the jump house!

It was good to see everyone and show off my Little Sister, since I'm the BIG one now. Reminded me just how amazing it is to be here and be healthy.