Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trevor Time Videos

The first time Daddy held Trevor at one week old:

The first time mommy held Trevor for Kangaroo Care - Trev is one week old:

Trevor busting a move! His try-out video for "So You Think You Can Dance!" Taken his first week home. (pardon the horrible singing!)

Trevor talks! Taken last week:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shout Outs!

Hi Everybody! Lots of catching up to do . . .

And a long overdue "shout out" to our dear friend Amie "Sharpie" Bement, who has diligently and creatively updated Trevor's blog since his birth. She has now turned the reins over to mom & dad to keep it updated, but we can not thank her enough for being our lifeline to all of Trevor's friends and prayer warriors during some of the most difficult days of our lives. She often updated the blog in the wee hours of the morning and still managed to make it so thoughtful and creative. We call her the "Voice of Trevor". She gave us a priceless gift of documenting Trevor's life from the beginning. Thank you Amie - WE LOVE YOU!!!

And now a shout out to my recent "peeps" who have come to see me:

I love you, Unkie!

"The grandma's" came by with lots of love and hugs for me.
Athalie, Nonnie, Barb and Lynne

My bud Drew

Me and my girl, Nicole.

Chattin' it up with Beau

My sweet auntie Corrith

Hunter and Linz came by to say Hi!

My friend Megan was full of smiles for me!
Which of course made me smile!

By the way, I just found my smile and laugh this last week. :) Now my dad thinks he's REALLY funny!

I also found out what all the fuss what about - those are some good looking legs!

Ribbit, Ribbit!

Well, it was a heartbreaking end to my first Laker season . . .
here's to dreaming I'll be a Laker someday!

I have been talking up a storm lately.
I will try and post a video of me talking soon!

Until next time STAY COOL!

And live by my motto, "Hug it out!"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday morning updates

Trev's 4 month B-day was Tuesday and he had to go to the Dr. to get his four month shots - yuk! 5 big shots in the legs - He was very brave, but we had a rough night Tuesday night, but have seemed to turn a corner and doing much better. Big news - Trev weighed in at . . . . 9 lbs, 2 ozs!! and is 20 1/2 in long and his head is now 15 1/2 inches around. For preemies, they "catch up" first in their head size, then their weight and the last thing to catch up is their length. Doc said the lungs sound good and he looks very healthy! Yeah! Also, in the last few days he has seemed to turn the corner on sleeping a little longer. He was feeding every hour and a half and mom was becoming delirious and loosing track of days and nights and was picking up pillows thinking it was a baby that needed to be fed! So, we couldn't be more excited that Trevor is learning to eat a little more and sleep longer, sometimes up to four hours, but mostly around 3. Another answer to prayer is that Trev's "red dots" or hemangeonies (he had five found in the NICU) have completely disappeared. The Doc was amazed. So, no liver ultrasound is needed. Finally, the doc said we can take Trevor out a little bit more as long as we protect him from germs as much as possible, especially when around little kids. So, that is exciting! We are going to do a little road trip up to OC this Friday to see some family and close friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Message for my Daddy...

Dear Daddy,
I knew from the first days of my life, when you held me in your big, loving hands that you would be my protector. Then you held me on your chest, close to your heart and I have never felt so safe. I knew that day, after day you would be there for me in the hospital, no matter how long your day at work had been or how tired you were, cause I could see in your eyes how much you loved me. You were the first one to call me your Little Warrior, and because you believed in me, I knew I had the strength to get through each day. I felt your hand as you laid it on me each day and heard your voice as you whispered a prayer to God. God heard you and he answered each of your prayers. You were so strong for mommy when she was scared or anxious. You are our rock, Daddy. And now that I am home, there is nothing that I like to do more than lay on your chest and watch a game with you. You are my coach, through every bottle feeding you cheer me on and with each milestone you are so proud of me. People say I look just like you, and that makes me happy, because I hope to grow up someday and be just like my dad . .. . because he is strong, silly, supportive and my hero.
I love you Daddy,

More Friends...

Lots of friends have been by to visit lately. I've slept through some, but mostly have been able to spend some QT with some pretty girls...
Chillin with MarySnoozin' with AmyMaking funny faces with AmieEnjoying my paci with Jo I must admit, though, my favorite pretty girl to spend time with is my mommy!!!Another thing I like to spend my time doing besides hanging out with the ladies, is shaking my rattle, bonking myslef on the head and then spending some QT just sucking on my can be thrilling as an infant!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chicks Dig Me!

Life at home is great, I get lots of food, lots of friends and lots of attention from nurses here too. and i definitely think the chicks dig me...they keep coming through the front door. My friend Kara, is training to be a nurse so she got to practice on me. We got a home visit from a nurse and while i tried to tell her I was good to go(i do like to talk a lot) but she checked me out and said i hadn't gained much weight, but my lungs are healthy, and my heart beat fast(120bpm) but she said that was normal and she said I looked great..duh... we don't have their pix but I met my future in-laws, Greg and parents have arranged a marriage between me and their girls. Keep praying for my parents as they navigate parenting. Pray for my mommy as she tries to make lots of good milk for me and my daddy as he works hard until I can get in the NBA.