Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm 2! And I have a BIG Announcement . . .

My Shrek B-day Party:

Donkey is my favorite! I loved my Shrek Party!
We played pin the tail on "Donkey" - this was my great grandma's game originally.
We all decorated "Gingy" cookies - yum!

My Cousin Braydn has a good eye for design.

I love when everyone sings to me!

My new favorite toy from Uncle Tim & Aunt Holly!
Playing with Nonnie! My favorite way to watch my favorite movie "Shrek" with all my animals!Me and my Buddy Spence!

I love to go hiking with my Bapa and Nana Rose and Cousins Tye and Chris! I walked a full mile by myself! I also went horseback riding with my Nana two weeks ago - I LOVED It!

And finally for my BIG announcement . . .
I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!

My mommy's due in late August and we will find out if I get a Little Brother or a Litter Sister in early April!! Can't wait to find out - I already love kissing mama's belly. :)