Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trevor's Final Four

Hi Everyone,
I have had some requests for updated pictures and some news on how I have been doing . . . so, I thought I would give you my "Final Four" pic's on some of my favorite things . . . Top Four words I can say:
1) Hi (this was my first word)
2) Mama
3) Dada
4) Bat (as you can see I like my yellow bat)

Top Four games I like to play:
1) Peek-a-Boo (as seen above)
2)Driving my race car (that my uncle Timmy and aunt Hollywood gave me) -
I can really push the button on the remote to make it go and turn - my Nonnie taught me how!
3) Patty-cake (I like to roll that dough!)
4) Playing Ball (rolling them, putting them in a hoop, kicking them - I love it all)

Top Four things that make me laugh:
1) Pretty much anything my Daddy does - especially when he dances around or chases after me and mommy.
2) Being tickled
3) When Andy from the TV show "The Office" sings
4) Watching Dog and Cat animal bloopers

Top Four favorite things (besides my fam and friends):
1) DOGS!! I love them - big or small and especially when they bark
2) Swinging on the swings at the park (see pic below)
3) Going to see Daddy at the gym
4) Learning to walk - crawling is fun too - but standing is my favorite

And, I bet you want my pics for the real Final Four . . . well, I am not a betting man, but I have a good friend who told me to cheer for Villanova all the way . . . I even have my own Villanova onesie - so maybe it is destiny?

And last but not least . . . here's a short video of me in action (sorry that it starts off sideways):

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just got a call from Mary Birch this week and they said we are able to buy the crib! They were so very thankful and they are going to have a plaque made for the crib. Jeff and I are overwhelmed by all of your generosity. It has been so amazing to watch so many come together around a common purpose to do something really awesome for the babies in the NICU. What a blessing for our family to watch this community do something great together. Trevor's 1st Birthday will forever be memorialized. Thank you. You are all amazing.

More thank you's are due to:

  • Claudia Aldana
  • Gena Kyllo

  • Melva Hale

  • Donna Lalev

  • Mary Tucci

  • Nicole & Richard Schmaeling

  • Barbara & Wayne Clookie

With all our Love,

The Roses