Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trevor is 4!!

Okay, so it's been like a year and half since we posted (Sorry!!) - All I can say is these kids are keeping us busy, and haven't had much time to stop and reflect. But it felt appropriate to sit a moment at the end of the day on Trevor's fourth birthday and share about who Trevor is today . . . he's come along way! And we are forever blessed.

What we know about Trevor on his 4th Birthday:

Trevor loves: playing trains, all dinosaurs (which he is the resident expert of at his preschool), music, singing and dancing. He loves Sea World, "swings and slides", racing anyone or being chased, and feeding ducks and fish. His favorite phrase is, "Let's put all the animals on the bed!", so he can play "Noah's Ark", which consists of covering his bed with every stuffed animal in the house!
He loves tackling Daddy, cuddling mommy, going to "elephant up and down" (aka - the carousel)  with papa Fox, baking with Nonnie, playing trains with papa Rose, and taking care of the horses with Nana. 
He finds it hilarious to refer to mom and dad as Jeff and Tina.
He likes to packed up his backpack and roller-bag with toys and tell us he is headed to the "airplane port" to visit Uncle Timmy and Aunt Hollie.
He LOVES all his cousins and could play with them for hours - he always says "more cousins" after they have left.
He loves going to work-outs at daddy's gym, but then complains of a mysterious sore back afterwards. ;)
He likes to bark at people when he first meets them, or sometimes just at everyone.
He has to get two sets of hugs and kisses before someone leaves - one is just not enough.
He loves his sister . . . loves to chase her, hug and kiss her and has even started potty-training her (no joke!).
Trevor loves school, and goes three mornings a week - his best buddy there is named Mason.
Trevor goes to bed with a book, then a story, then prayers, a cuddle and a rub on his back every night. He falls asleep each night with his silky, his silky pillow, two other full size pillows, a giant plastic T-Rex, a small plastic T-rex, a full-size Woody character (from Toy Story), and most recently a baby doll he stole from Laurel.  He often has rotation of 2-4 other stuffed animals in bed with him as well.
Trevor's favorite treat is marshmallows, and peanut M & M's is a close second. But he'd still prefer carrots over sweets about 99% of the time.
Trevor is very polite and always says please and thank you and he won't get up from his chair at dinner unless he's asked to please be excused from the table. He calls guys, "Sir" and ladies, "Missy" or "Ma'am" . . . though his mom tries to get him to call her "queen" - He won't.
He calls Laurel, "YoYo", or "sweetie" or "sweetheart"  . . .  that is if he isn't calling her "Yoderbean" or "Beanie".
Trevor has a sweet and sensitive heart - he loves to be loved and loves seeing others laugh and be happy. He's truly the best big brother a little sister could ask for. He's smart and funny and he loves to be with friends, though he could also play alone for hours. He's an amazing gift to our family. We love you Trevor Jalen Rose. Happy Birthday!

And sweet Laurel - more commonly known as "YoYo", nicknamed by her big bro - is doing awesome. 
Here is a photo of her from her brother's party: 
. . . and one more from Christmas

Friday, September 24, 2010

I've been showing her the ropes . . .

 So, I think you all know by now, that "I do all my own stunts", or at least that's what my shirt says. Here's a little video of me, displaying some of my new tricks . . .

Okay, enough about me - I told you I'd post some more pics of the newbie -


I'm think she's pretty cool, as far as little sister's go. :)

 The big difference is, I just don't get as much shut-eye as I used to, what with all the diaper changing and feeding all the time.

In other news - we just went to the NICU reunion to see my old friends from the hospital - no not the horse, silly, the doctor's and nurses and babies I hung with for 80 days after I was born.

Remember my first girlfriend, Emily! Or "Em" as we used to call her. Well, she's still a cutie pie.  But I got no love from her. I did get a hug from Sophie though - I think she liked how I played hard to get. 

I also got to ride in a real firetruck!!  SO FUN!

 But I spent most of the day in the jump house!

It was good to see everyone and show off my Little Sister, since I'm the BIG one now. Reminded me just how amazing it is to be here and be healthy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The newest Rose has bloomed . . .

Laurel Tayden Rose was born on August 26th at 9:09 am. She weighed 7lbs and was 20 inches long.
I'm a very proud Big Brother!!

Here's a video of when I first met her:

Here's Mom and Day on their way to the hospital!

My first photo:

Thank you Dr. Barmeyer!!
Our first photo with Laurel.

Our first Family photo!

Hanging with my Lil Sis in bed. I can't wait till she can wrestle!

More pic's coming soon . . . 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Excited for my Lil' Sis to arrive . . .

So mom's been on bed rest for 8 weeks, and now we are less than three weeks from baby Laurel's delivery day (8.26.10). The doc said mom could do more now - Hooray! And we are all getting so excited to meet Laurel. So we decided to take some fun pictures while mom was on bed rest to give to Laurel when she arrives . . . Dear Laurel,
I can't wait to give you a big kiss and sing to you the "Happy Birthday" song (I've been practicing) when you are born. I want to be a good Big Brother to you - I'll always protect you and love you, even though I'll have to toughen you up too (a big bro requirement). Can't wait to show you how to dance and do somersaults! We are going to have so much fun!
Your Big Bro Trevor

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Learning to share . . .

So, I'm already having to share my mom with my Little Sister . . . The doctor decided it was best to put my mom on bed rest three weeks ago. So, mommy's laying down at a 45 degree angle or less to keep my little sister from showing up early, like I did. But the good news is that while she's been laying low, we've had lots of family and friends over to take my mind off it. Here's me hangin with my friends Luke and Lane:
Mom's so thankful for all the help. Daddy's been "Super Daddy" these days too, but we are all making it work and are thankful that Laurel is still inside mommy's belly, safe and sound. Mommy is 31 weeks tomorrow, so we still have a ways to go. Please keep us in your prayers.
Hugs and Kisses! (this is my new favorite thing to say). BTW, I am talking non-stop, and counting to 19 and learning my colors. And now since I'm such a big boy, my mom and dad gave me a big boy bed! It is awesome, with cool monkey sheets and a step to get into it. Sometimes my parents find me in the living room on the couch in the middle of the night, or quietly staring at them while they are sleeping. I guess that kind of freaks them out, but I sure like the new freedom!

I also wanted to share some special wedding wishes to my favorite new Bride and Groom - Aunt Hollie and Uncle Timmy. I love you guys! (Click Play button below)

And to wrap it up, I'm still perfecting my dance routines (click Play button below):

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm going to have a Little SISTER!!! :)

Sorry, it took so long to tell you the news, but my parents have been hogging the computer. :)
Anyways, here is how my parents found out . . .

They went to their favorite special occasion dinner spot on the San Diego Bay (Island Prime) and when they arrived gave a sealed envelope with the results of the sonogram to the waiter.

After a delicious meal, the excitement was mounting . . . it was with dessert that they were to find out if I was going to have a little brother or sister.

The waiter brought out the dessert with a pink umbrella and pink candle that said congratulations in chocolate . . . and then handed us the card below as he said, "You are having a GIRL!" My mom asked him to say it several more times, because she wasn't sure she was hearing him correctly - and as soon as it sunk in, the tears started flowing . . .
They read the card and it was confirmed. My mom yelled out, "I really wanted a girl!" I guess it just hit her at that moment, how much a girl would mean to her. Dad welled up with tears too . . . this little girl is going to melt his heart. Good thing they have me around to keep them grounded!
Here they are together after finding out the news.
Lastly, here's a recent picture of me from Easter, with my buddy Austin.

By the way . . . more big news . . . her name is going to be Laurel Rose. :)
(still working on a middle name)

And through many prayers this pregnancy is going very well and Laurel is growing and doing great! Mom is now 22 weeks pregnant and still doing workouts with Dad. God is good.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm 2! And I have a BIG Announcement . . .

My Shrek B-day Party:

Donkey is my favorite! I loved my Shrek Party!
We played pin the tail on "Donkey" - this was my great grandma's game originally.
We all decorated "Gingy" cookies - yum!

My Cousin Braydn has a good eye for design.

I love when everyone sings to me!

My new favorite toy from Uncle Tim & Aunt Holly!
Playing with Nonnie! My favorite way to watch my favorite movie "Shrek" with all my animals!Me and my Buddy Spence!

I love to go hiking with my Bapa and Nana Rose and Cousins Tye and Chris! I walked a full mile by myself! I also went horseback riding with my Nana two weeks ago - I LOVED It!

And finally for my BIG announcement . . .
I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!

My mommy's due in late August and we will find out if I get a Little Brother or a Litter Sister in early April!! Can't wait to find out - I already love kissing mama's belly. :)