Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trevor is 4!!

Okay, so it's been like a year and half since we posted (Sorry!!) - All I can say is these kids are keeping us busy, and haven't had much time to stop and reflect. But it felt appropriate to sit a moment at the end of the day on Trevor's fourth birthday and share about who Trevor is today . . . he's come along way! And we are forever blessed.

What we know about Trevor on his 4th Birthday:

Trevor loves: playing trains, all dinosaurs (which he is the resident expert of at his preschool), music, singing and dancing. He loves Sea World, "swings and slides", racing anyone or being chased, and feeding ducks and fish. His favorite phrase is, "Let's put all the animals on the bed!", so he can play "Noah's Ark", which consists of covering his bed with every stuffed animal in the house!
He loves tackling Daddy, cuddling mommy, going to "elephant up and down" (aka - the carousel)  with papa Fox, baking with Nonnie, playing trains with papa Rose, and taking care of the horses with Nana. 
He finds it hilarious to refer to mom and dad as Jeff and Tina.
He likes to packed up his backpack and roller-bag with toys and tell us he is headed to the "airplane port" to visit Uncle Timmy and Aunt Hollie.
He LOVES all his cousins and could play with them for hours - he always says "more cousins" after they have left.
He loves going to work-outs at daddy's gym, but then complains of a mysterious sore back afterwards. ;)
He likes to bark at people when he first meets them, or sometimes just at everyone.
He has to get two sets of hugs and kisses before someone leaves - one is just not enough.
He loves his sister . . . loves to chase her, hug and kiss her and has even started potty-training her (no joke!).
Trevor loves school, and goes three mornings a week - his best buddy there is named Mason.
Trevor goes to bed with a book, then a story, then prayers, a cuddle and a rub on his back every night. He falls asleep each night with his silky, his silky pillow, two other full size pillows, a giant plastic T-Rex, a small plastic T-rex, a full-size Woody character (from Toy Story), and most recently a baby doll he stole from Laurel.  He often has rotation of 2-4 other stuffed animals in bed with him as well.
Trevor's favorite treat is marshmallows, and peanut M & M's is a close second. But he'd still prefer carrots over sweets about 99% of the time.
Trevor is very polite and always says please and thank you and he won't get up from his chair at dinner unless he's asked to please be excused from the table. He calls guys, "Sir" and ladies, "Missy" or "Ma'am" . . . though his mom tries to get him to call her "queen" - He won't.
He calls Laurel, "YoYo", or "sweetie" or "sweetheart"  . . .  that is if he isn't calling her "Yoderbean" or "Beanie".
Trevor has a sweet and sensitive heart - he loves to be loved and loves seeing others laugh and be happy. He's truly the best big brother a little sister could ask for. He's smart and funny and he loves to be with friends, though he could also play alone for hours. He's an amazing gift to our family. We love you Trevor Jalen Rose. Happy Birthday!

And sweet Laurel - more commonly known as "YoYo", nicknamed by her big bro - is doing awesome. 
Here is a photo of her from her brother's party: 
. . . and one more from Christmas

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