Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm going to have a Little SISTER!!! :)

Sorry, it took so long to tell you the news, but my parents have been hogging the computer. :)
Anyways, here is how my parents found out . . .

They went to their favorite special occasion dinner spot on the San Diego Bay (Island Prime) and when they arrived gave a sealed envelope with the results of the sonogram to the waiter.

After a delicious meal, the excitement was mounting . . . it was with dessert that they were to find out if I was going to have a little brother or sister.

The waiter brought out the dessert with a pink umbrella and pink candle that said congratulations in chocolate . . . and then handed us the card below as he said, "You are having a GIRL!" My mom asked him to say it several more times, because she wasn't sure she was hearing him correctly - and as soon as it sunk in, the tears started flowing . . .
They read the card and it was confirmed. My mom yelled out, "I really wanted a girl!" I guess it just hit her at that moment, how much a girl would mean to her. Dad welled up with tears too . . . this little girl is going to melt his heart. Good thing they have me around to keep them grounded!
Here they are together after finding out the news.
Lastly, here's a recent picture of me from Easter, with my buddy Austin.

By the way . . . more big news . . . her name is going to be Laurel Rose. :)
(still working on a middle name)

And through many prayers this pregnancy is going very well and Laurel is growing and doing great! Mom is now 22 weeks pregnant and still doing workouts with Dad. God is good.