Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time "Fly's"!

Life in the fast lane is pretty exciting, but it hasn't left me much time for my blogging. So, for those of you who have been asking for updates . . . here's a few from the past four months:

I went to the NICU reunion and saw some of my old friends, rode on a pony that was just my size and loved playing in the petting zoo area with daddy. All my friends were doing pretty well, but most still weren't walking yet and some had mild health conditions.
Overall, we were all very grateful to be there and it was fun to go inside the NICU for the first time as a healthy BIG boy and visit the two twins and their family that are now in the crib that you all helped donate for my birthday. What an amazing gift - thank you!

Me and Em - sharing grapes.

By the way - I LOVE horses! Here is me with Uncle Timmy and Christopher saying hi to Dante, my Nana's horse. I even help Nana feed them oats and hay. Can't wait to go on my first ride!

Aunt D, Daddy and me on game day!

Trevor in Nana's chair at work:

This is how I look at Daddy when he's acting crazy:

My 2nd Halloween:
Me and my friend Josiah (the turtle) -
both not happy about picture time.

The Tank twins & Leedles, Mommy & Me, and KJ & Annika

My babysitter, Monica and me! :)

Halloween trick-or-treating with my "chick" Sophia. We had so much fun with the Disslys!

The Fam!

I waited patiently at the door, and when they would answer they
would give me a piece a candy and then I would give them a piece of mine
. . . isn't that how it works?

The Dissly's! Thanks for a fun weekend!

Mom taught her well . . . she'll hold my hand, but told me she was too young for kisses. :)

Riding the carousel with daddy was the best! We also went on a train around the park!

Enjoy the pumpkin pie . . . I know I will!

We are giving thanks to all our family and friends who have blessed
us with their love and friendship this year. Happy Thanksgiving!!

(professional pictures courtesy of Michelle Mowery!!) :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Have you seen my moves?

Well, I'm growing up to be quite the character . . . my favorite things right now are music and dancing . . . and I pretty much never sit still. I had my mom video a few of my new moves for you to watch below.

Which one's your favorite?

Maybe someday I'll be on my parents favorite show "So, you think you can Dance?" Would you vote me "America's Favorite Dancer?" ;)

I call this one Dance Machine:

And this one's called Bye, bye, bye . . .

And for my next number, I'd like to harken back to a little Axl Rose:

And last, but not least, check out my floorwork:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summertime Facts & Fun

Happy 4th of July, from the BIG KAHUNA!

I just had my second developmental tests done and I am happy to report that I am right on track, even with my three months age correction. So, though they tested me as a 13 month old, I ended up being more developmentaly on track with my birth age of 16 months. The Doctors were please with everything, except my weight. I am still a little guy, tipping the scales at a mere 18lbs. My dad thinks I am solid muscle - must be all those squats I'm doing. :) Anyways, they gave us some eating tips for fattening up, but I'm a pretty picky eater - so we'll see how that goes. (Keep this in your prayers :) )

I would much rather dance than eat . . . here's me doing my favorite pasttime:

Summer's been awesome so far - I went on my first plane ride (BTW - I did great - loved the turbulance - just made me giggle like on a rollercoaster) on a trip to Hawaii that we were supposed to take last year, but then I came early and surprised everybody. :) But it was well worth the wait - here are some pictures of my time with mom, dad, nana and papa:
I love the waterfalls!
Our favorite spot on the beach to spend the morning:

I loved my morning walks with Nana.

And swimming in the warm ocean!
Loungin' at the pool was pretty cool too!
But dancing with Nana and Papa can't be beat!

Oh - and I got to go to my first baseball game and saw my friend Tony Clark - he's so much bigger in real life than on TV. :)

Have a great Summer!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Check me out . . .

Some of my first steps:

Check out what I did to my Daddy . . . glad he has a hard head! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

1 year and counting . . .

Last week was a big week for me - as of Monday, May 4th, I have been home from the hospital for one whole year! Thursday, May 7th was my due date and therefore I am "officially" one year old and exactly a week before I turned "1", I took three steps to my mama! :)

More pictures:

Cousin Braydn and me!
Uncle B, Dada and Me on Easter

I call this my finger roll!

My buddy Spence let me borrow his tractor at his B-day party - Happy #3 Spence!

I LOVE to hang upside down.

And I am always laughing.

This used to be where I slept when I got home from the hospital, now I'm way too big for it . . . never thought I would say that!
Peace to you and yours!