Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm 2! And I have a BIG Announcement . . .

My Shrek B-day Party:

Donkey is my favorite! I loved my Shrek Party!
We played pin the tail on "Donkey" - this was my great grandma's game originally.
We all decorated "Gingy" cookies - yum!

My Cousin Braydn has a good eye for design.

I love when everyone sings to me!

My new favorite toy from Uncle Tim & Aunt Holly!
Playing with Nonnie! My favorite way to watch my favorite movie "Shrek" with all my animals!Me and my Buddy Spence!

I love to go hiking with my Bapa and Nana Rose and Cousins Tye and Chris! I walked a full mile by myself! I also went horseback riding with my Nana two weeks ago - I LOVED It!

And finally for my BIG announcement . . .
I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!

My mommy's due in late August and we will find out if I get a Little Brother or a Litter Sister in early April!! Can't wait to find out - I already love kissing mama's belly. :)


Heath Family said...

Happy 2nd Biirthday Trevor and Congratulations Rose Family! We are so excited for you all.:)

Anonymous said...

Hello to the Roses!
What a fun b'day party. I think I'd have liked decorating the gingies. I noticed that Trev was eating his canvas ... great idea!

And a new baby ... how much fun is that? My second grand was born when Mr. Malcolm was almost 2½ and it was perfect. A lady walked into my daughter's hospital room and Malc said "I have a new sister! Do you want to pet her?" He was so thrilled. I'll bet Trevor will be, too.

You all take good care. Thanks for the cute photo updates.

Nother Nonnie

Valerie Kurtz said...

Just popping in...
What wonderful news! Congratulations!
It's so great to see little Trevor thriving and growing. Thanks be to God!
May your pregnancy be full of health and joy.